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Default Re: pet peeves

Ok so my experience is with hookah's that I rent so my peeves are a little different. I enjoy when people come over and ask what it is, what is in it, what we are doing. That is fun for me my wife hates it. I hate it when she wants a puff but she wants me to hold the hose for her. WTF. I hate when you pay $8 and only get a quicky because the guy running the place wants to close up early (happened once won't happen again). I hate when you go to a normally quiet place to enjoy some good food and a hookah and there is a gathering of drunks yelling and screaming and stumbling around aimlessly because a football game is on.

So what is the proper way to draw. I probably look like I am smoking something I shouldn't be but holding it in my mouth longer gives me more of the flavor. A slow exhale just feels and tastes wonderfull. If you don't hit it hard enough you don't get much smoke in the chamber. Though i can see how hitting it too hard or too often would be bad (kind of like with a pipe).
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