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Default Re: Needs advice....

Ok, so you're going to be in college, and lets be honest, you'll have other expenses.

You'll obviously have to pay for an alcohol addiction, if you don't already have it already. Its ok, the younger you are, the more willing you are to drink Popov (8 bucks a handle).

There'll also be food, pizza, and wings, lots of wings....that'll add up.

Luckily not all freshmen girls have expensive taste, I'd like to think most dont....that'll help

You may wanna try getting one or 2 top brands of shisha and keep them for more special smoke sessions and smoke some cheaper stuff. Al-Waha isnt that bad for the price.

As for getting the good stuff, starbuzz and tonic are amazing, and romman really does last a long time.

as for -FLiM-'s comment, yeah, go for fruit. I love banana and sweet melon.

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