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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

I think Mya is better then most Chinese stuff but since that doesn't say much at all it doesn't really address the matter of poor quality. Embargoes are problem but I know that a lot of good Turkish stuff is mass produced and sold in Europa but totally unavailable in the states. Also, a lot of great Egyptian brands are not sold in the states either ( El Ashrey & Shisha King being the biggest ones) so again the problem is what is imported which is strange since plenty of native Farsi/Turkish/Arabic speakers are in the business in the states so why can't someone just buy a container and start selling them?

As to making the rigs in the states I don't see why not. A decent foundry and glass works could mass produce them and sell them for reasonable prices given American technolgy and productivity. The only problem I see with such a plan is that since our hobby is basically a fad I am not sure anyone would be willing to make the long term investments needed to make a go of it.
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