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Default Desi Merli Rules!

I finally got a big shipment in of Desi Merli flavoured tobacco recently (yes, it's dry and not ready to smoke out of the bag) and damn, this stuff blows all the huge Arabic brands away. I've been enjoying Almond, Saffron, Coffee, Vanilla, Cardamon, Khus & [FONT=Courier New][/FONT]Kewra flavours with a bunch of friends and all I can say is that DM is what smoking is all about!

I'm talking rich flavour, like Fladers Red Ale or Gueze or Gueuze/lambic rich. A riot of flavours, complicated and heavy. Heavy as in Orange Sunshine's latest CD heavy. I think i'll donate all my AF to charity as I can't see wasting coals on it any more.

I've had about 15 people smoking in the house today and even though none of them are into traditional stuff they all loved flavoured DM.

Kewra is simply amazing, floral/fruit/latakia/sweet flavours all at once. Khus is more floral toffee/burley/latakia and just amazing.

My taste buds are doing handstands. Wow.
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