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Default Re: Desi Merli Rules!

Well it seems that more people are more excited about traditional moassels then I would have guessed.

Dunk, you should look into mixing 1 part Earl Grey, 1 part DM Cardamon and 3 parts Khus. Joyous is all I can say.

FBD, the think I like about DM is that since it comes dry you can set the moisture to what ever you want and it's really cheap.

For the DM party everyone brought a local farm ale or a Polish Porter and dish for a really big potluck as they say in the states. We had 16 narghiles set up (two rigs per flavour) so everyone could try out everything. We all mixed the glycerine/honey/tobacco before the meal and ended the night singing along to Nightstalker, Sundail and Hawkwind tunes on the stereo.

Everyone had lots to drink, smoke and eat and everyone got into DM. A great time alround.
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