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Question .05 or .5% nicotine?

I keep seeing different percent nic. on different boxes, tins, or packages. for example, I'm looking at a 125g tin of Romman cinnamon and it says .5% nic 0% tar on the tin, then when I open it up, on the package it says .05% nic. I'm guessing because inside package is made and packaged in jordan and then the Romman tin is made in the US. I've been told that you can't trust what is on the packages on most imports because their is a different measurement system over there. I think this might be right because all of the tobacco that has its final process in America says .5% and in the US it is a much bigger deal to print legit information on any product. more examples; Sinbad is made in sandiego and it says .3 on the outside. Tangiers however says .5% and Al fakher says .05% nic. So I'm wondering is it foreign versus domestic or is it that different tobaccos actually have different amounts of nic and you should believe whatever it says on the box/tin/package? I've heard that it was mostly .05% but most of the ones made in the US say .5% and one would think since we have stronger content laws (and I don't think a US company would lie and embelish the amount of nicotine that is acutually in their tobac. if anything they would say it has less) that this would be the correct amount. So which one is it? .5 or .05 nic?
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