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Default A plea to all HP members


This is a personal plea from myself to all fellow HP members.

Please please please write a descriptive title for ur post.

I believe that many members as well as me do not read all posts. I read the post that I am interested in or can contribute to. Title of the post is a major factor whether I read the post or skip it.

Recently many post titles are like "Need help quickly" or "please advise me" or "please answer" or "I need help" or "quick question" which gives away nothing about the post content.

Would not hurt if we spend few momnts writing a descriptive title like "Need help packing Tangiers" or "Quick question about KMs" instead of the vague titles.

Afterall, please remember this is a plea ..... this is neither a request nor an order .... If you agree with me, let me know here in the thread.
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