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Default Re: .05 or .5% nicotine?

ya the LD 50 listed from nicotine is ingesting and im to lazy/dont have enough time to find out the inhaled ld50 (if an established one exists). but you have to remember that those are all done by where half of the population would die at that level, and less than 1/2 of the population uses tobacco there fore we probably have higher tolerances for it.

as to the .05 and .5, ya that pisses me off to and it really makes no sense, i dont see how washing the tobacco takes out 90% of the nicotine so i think its just one of those things that is incorrect/weird/what ever. in general though the ones that have the higher content on them are unwashed and will hit people harder, thats not to say that washed ones wont just not as common for them to
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