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Default Re: the tough stuff

Originally Posted by mckheu View Post
, People say the water filters the smoke , bcus it colors .
thats actually because the tobacco liquid drips down the stem and colors it.
(Thats why the water is more red with strawberry than appel)

That's bad because then your tobacco gets dry and burns faster.
> so they made this*iUVRWN...HN7/vortex.jpg
Yeah those look pretty cool. Do they smoke forever too? I believe we tend to get about 1.5 hours out of a small or medium Egyptian clay head. I don't think we are going to want 2 or 3 hours of smoking at any point. But I do like the idea of the Vortex bowl.

Oh but just because the water color change isn't from the impurities doesn't mean the water doesn't filter. It is pretty much a matter of densities and properties of gases passing through a liquid. The gas is cooled in the liquid and because it is somewhat impeded it gives opportunity for heavier particles to settle out. IN other words I wouldn't drink the water after you are done. Though the effect may be exaggerated by people thinking that the color means something it doesn't.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely be wanting to look into those.
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