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Angry Re: .05 or .5% nicotine?

Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
like zen said it really doesnt matter all that much its not really addicting.. like i smoke cigarettes and that addicting.. i can go weeks with out hookah.. soo really the moral is dont smoke cigarettes and smoke hookah.. =P

This isn't the issue at hand. That isn't why I posted the thread. In fact, I'd prefer a shisha with a higher nicotine content. And yes there is official average ATF measurements for nicotine content in the final product. I know Romman tobac and hookah-hookah (both of which go through the final package and distribution in the US and thus pass standards tests o fthe ATF both measured .5% nic. in the tobac. Sinbad which is based out of San diego has .3% while on the other end of the nicotine spectrum, starbuzz, which is also out of california has just .05%. It doesn't matter whether its a 1 kilo pack or a 10 g bowl, it all still has .5% of the total final product by weight; the gram weight is all relative. to put things in perspective an average cigarette in the US has 1.5% nicotine by weight or 13 mg per cigarette. My main issue is determining how much nicotine is most of the foreign brands with ambiguous and contradicting measurements. Like I said earlier its not a moral issue, I just want to know which brand n flavor have what percent nicotine, and which to trust the label and which not to, despite the 4 mentioned above that we know contain .5, .5, .3, and .05% respectively.
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