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Default Fake vs REAL tobacco

So anyway guys.. I live in sweden where taxes are high and knowledge is low.. SO thats why we have lots of FAKE tobacco..
So what is fake tobacco.. Theres one rare fake tobacco Ive only seen twice, and I have no pictures unfortunally.. But I can describe that the nakhla one ( other was laylaline ), first of all the package on outside looked almost similair to real one. Except for the logo, thats all I noticed different.. the coconuts on the palm is not blood-red-colour but its was alot brighter color.. and when u open it up its not in a plastic bag of any sort, its in normal kitchen plastic.. not even closed or zipped in anyway.. and inside is not even tobacco.. Its like something that looks like tobacco but it doesnt smell like tobacco and u CANT smoke it!

So now I'll tell u about the normal FAKE tobacco.. it is different from the one I described cus u can smoke it.. It tastes good and smells good as well.. But it's not at all the real deal! In nakhla version I think that it is the same producers that makes the tobacco... But in al fakher I think that the fake tobacco is produced by some other country or company..
Anyways.. pictures!!:

in the pictures u can see a fake nakhla two aplle flavour.. the fake red little crappy thread is whats blows the cover.. then when u open it its not in the pretty classic colorful nakhla bag, but in normal white plastic. but still written nakhla on it.. Tastes Okey , very similar to real nakhla but still not the real taste.. its a bit drier as well.. smells very good also..
This tobacco I would say is probably morewhat of a "budget" version of the real nakhla, rater then a "fake" nakhla.. cus Its really tobacco and smells and tastes good..

Al fakher.. Well this one I would think is not even produced in UAE and doesnt have anything with the real al fakher to do.. its just pure copy and crappy.. Ive tried every flavour there is of this "fake" type of al fakher and it is faaar from the real deal.. I have uploaded a picture of the real deal and u cant even see the real al fakher logo on the fake one, noir is there a "genuine al fakher" thread on it..
But this is also REAL tobacco, smells and tastes and is smokeable.. but only one Ive tried that is good is two appple flavour.. the rest is real bull! the DA is really OKEY but unlike the nakhla fake its not even similair taste to the real AF..
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