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Default Re: Fake vs REAL tobacco

so Al Ajamy .. thsi tobacco is quite new to me.. I bought lots of 50 grams today.. and it seems I can spot the fake ones right out of my own collection.. since I got 2 different cappucinos..
One is a real cool logo and looks really awesome.. other is just a booring al ajamy logo saying "cappucino.." check it out -- Im not really sure about this yet and if anyone got anything to say about this then Im listening cus Im intrested in what kind of al ajamy tobacco I have really gotten.. Is it fake or just old/new batches..

anyway i was in a little hurry when m,aking this post and also I accidently erased eveything I wrote once so had to re-do this thread so maybe I lost some points on the way..
If u wonder anything just ask!!
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