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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Yeah I knew it was called Shisha. I went into a store here recently just inquiring on the prices of some they had and they looked at me funny when I asked to see their Hookahs. LOL> Not sure where they were from so I don't know what to call it there. Yeah I had heard that about Egypt but I wanted to be sure cause I had heard it on the internet and sometimes information gets stale on the internet.

The Ethiopians admitted to not knowing much about Egyptian culture mostly it was a friend's fiancee talking about their culture. I think perhaps there is somewhat of a political problem in that instance. I just wondered if there was something along those lines that I should be aware of.

I asked him about hookahs once and he said he doesn't smoke anything, and we only had one conversation about religion. Figure I will just leave that at that.

Let's just leave it at that some African nations are not very much in love with their fellow African nation named Egypt .....

And let's just leave it at that Egypt threatened to use military forces against any nation that tries to cut Egypt's supply of the nile river water and to violate the treatie signed decades ago ... and Ethiopea is one of the countries where the Nile sources start, while Egypt is the last station for the river before it hits the Mediterranean sea, so they can cut our supply and we can do nothing about it ... And Nile is our one and only source of water so it is national security.
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