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Default Re: Herbal Shisha - Your thoughts

So called "Herbal" moassel has nothing herbal about it.

As to tradition keep in mind that narghile smoking is not the same as Occidental style pipes. Personally, I hate flavour casings used with drystyle dry pipe tobacco.

narghile smoking until farily recently in historical terms has meant smoking tombac which has no honey/molasses or glycerin. You can try it if you wish but it is very different then Western style tobacco and it is an aquired taste. I like it but it's not for everyone.

What we commonly concider to be narghile style tobacco for past 130 years or so uses molasses as an agglutinant and often has herbs and spices but no fruit/drink/candy type flavourings added. When you smoke this style of tobacco (which can be either a moassel, tobamel or jurak depending on how it is made) you don't literally burn the tobacco but instead vaporize the liquid content off of it using indirect heat. What you taste is a mixture of the tobaccos, molasses and herbs used.

The fruit/candy/drink flavoured style moassel is a recent development that has been around less then 30 years.
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