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Default Re: Fake vs REAL tobacco

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
Your Nakhla is legit, so is your AF DA tub (the first one), the other one however is fake.
By legit I didn't mean it was a stone in it.. I meant that the tobacco quality is wheyy worse then the real packaged nakhla.. Kind of like hajo said.. that they probably make that tobacco but for a different market.. and the swedish market isn't that demanding.. really..
and the AF tub.. Dude.. it's so far from legit man.. its real tobacco in YES but it's not even a AF stamp on it, and nowhere does it say made in UAE and oh yeah.. did I mention that none of the flavours except for DA does actually taste anything.. !

and where Ive been .. Ive been at my grilfriends house for 6 days ! no internet ! jsut chilling!" but Im back!!!!!!!
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