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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

one thing i didnt see mentioned in the basic etiquette that i have heard and follow more just because it is better for me than anything else is that hookahs should sit on the floor unless they are rather small and then they can go on a table.

i just keep my 32 inch hookah on the floor so i can see the tv/friends/ and there is less distance if it tips for any reason

i have a friend who is Pakistani by heritage and muslim and we always have the discussion of shsisha/hookah/tobacco, he calls the pipe shisha i call it hookah, he calls it tobacco i call it shisha. i do my best to try and say tobacco and shisha when around him as to not confuse the conversation. but also with the muslim thing his parents dont like that he smoked hookah, yet his grandparents smoked hookah all the time, (but his dad is a very religious person in their faith, he doesnt really know how to explain it to me but he keeps saying hes kind of like a priest so his parents are very devout muslims, he is as well, just doesnt follow the hookah= bad)

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