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Default Re: Smoking Chewing tobacco?

if any one even worked with glass for 5 mins you would know with out a doubt there is no fiber glass and even if you have used the tobacco for 5 seconds you would get the same conclusion. the fiber glass thing comes from when supposedly they made newports with fiber glass and sold them only in jails as to kill of inmates to make space (or as the story goes) but once they were released to the public they stopped.

fiber glass would help in no way, kill off users longer, and in smoked tobacco a user's lungs would not get better over time because silica (main part in glass) will never ever leave you lungs once in there.

no as to smoking dip, i have thought about it but i dont think it would be a good idea, you might get flavor but i think it would last a very shot time, and probably plug up the bowl.

also there are still a lot of chemicals added to it, not as many as cigs but still a decent amount.

i havent thought about it before but i would think chew (like redman ) might work ok because it is like a dryer shisha

ya dunkel i had a friend that smoke newports, dipped a huge pinch and had nicotine patches on when he was at his worst, hes gotten a lot better at least the last time i saw him but damn thats a lot

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