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Default Re: Hookah brothers

if its a hookahbrothers rotator and its like the one in the pic i wouldnt spent the money on it. i have a rotator and i love how it smokes but there are to many issues with it (and the auto seal on it is a joke, got the 2 hose version so we didnt have to pass one hose all the time but we just have to cap). honestly i hate auto seal, every hookah ive used the auto seal makes it harder to pull (which is another reason i am going to make my own hookah soon, and not a gheto version i mean a nice one that i am going to fully fab my self including blowing the base)

i digress though, heres is my basic suggestion, look at the hookah before you buy it (or buy a brand name with great quality), you can get cheap rigs that smoke great and last for ever, and you can blow big bucks and get a poorly made POS that smokes bad.

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