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Default Most out of your buck

I've been giving my hookah bars menu serious consideration over the last few days, but I need some support on what to do pricing wise for bowls ect.

I plan to have a 1 drink minimum if your not smoking
Im gonna be offering al amir, al fahker, layalina, possibly starbuzz

Now this is my question should I charge per person or per bowl?

If I charge $8 per person and let them order what ever type of shisha they want and 3 people come in a group and order the same shisha then it will be $24 on the same hookah.
If one person comes in I take out one hookah and hook him up and it will be $8.

If I charge 15$ per bowl and one person comes in they arn't gonna be happy and think this place is expensive
If 3 people come in and I charge 15$ per bowl its gonna be cheap and they are gonna be happy.

Now lets say I charge per person and I also charge for refills( $5 maybe more maybe less? )

The people who ordered the same shisha and smoked through it quick are gonna most likely be paying for another bowl seeing as they had 3 people on the same hookah.

The people who payed per person are most likely not going to pay for another refill because they are most likely not going to go through it that quickly.

Too me it seems the per person route would be the best, but others say the per bowl is the best way to go. Give me your input on what you think.

Now, all of this leads to another very interesting dilemma.
My customer base is going to be locals, I'm not offering every flavor of each brand, I have select few which I will be offering. I live in La vista nebraska, population 18000~, My neighbor town is papillion which is around 18000 also. But omaha is near by which is around 400,000.. I found a place in papillion which is pretty damn cheap for rent, its visible from a major street, and crimes just don't happen in papillion. But omaha has alot more people, you will pay alot for a premium place that people can see and its obviously filled will violence.
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