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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

Funny thing about that. The first time we went to this place they put it on the floor. However, that was the owner who is from the Middle East somewhere or his family is anyway. I believe he has only been there once when we were smoking the hookah so that was the only time it was done that way. The other times it was set up by either the cook or the Ethiopian guy and it has always been on the table since then. 32" Hookah I believe because it is above my head when it is on the table. When I stand I am basically eye to eye with the coals. I would like it on the floor better if the table were turned the other way and we could recline a little. We like to watch the bubbles and occasionally to learn more about the physics I suck all the smoke out slowly to keep it from refilling. I couldn't see the effect of that when it was on the floor. LOL.

I am glad this has sparked so much discussion. I appreciate all the advice.
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