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Default Re: Lighting coals in microwave ovens?

I can't see how it would work considering the nature of microwave ovens and how charcoal is made. I guess it would depend on the natural frequency of charcoal.

Microwaves work by sending radio waves at the natural frequency of water. Doing that excites the water particles and causes them to move rapidly, essentially boiling them. That causes heat which cooks whatever contains it. That is why things turn soggy in the microwave. Those crisper sleeves are a substance that have the same or very similar natural frequency but do not have the same heat limitations as water so it can get much hotter and therefore crisp breads.

Charcoal is basically made by burning off everything but the carbon in wood. Part of that is that it completely vaporizes the moisture content of the wood. So unless Charcoal happens to be a similar natural frequency as water (which I doubt) I can't imagine there being a whole lot of effect at all unless it manages to heat the air that is inside it.
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