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Default Re: My first video :o

Hey guys! Really thanks for ur comments and rates!

Thanks Kwikwi, i like Faith No More too When i was walking home that day, this music started on my iPod, and i thought that i should make something with these great rythms. So this is, why i decided to pick this song That sweet looking hookah in the background is my love (to be right, she is just the 2nd one ) It's a Syrian. Hmm, to be honest it's 2 syrian. I have 2 syrians and they match with each other. So when i feel like, than i change the parts of the stem, i can screw them in each other. I don't know if u can see, but when i recorded the video, the stem had 4 parts. The bottom two from one hookah and the top two from another. But i really like the way it looks

Thanks Kalkail for ur comment, rate, and subscribe too! If u are thinking about picking a hose like this. All i can say is just to do it! It's a really great looking hose, and first of all it's a great hose! The draws are really easy, and it's fully washable. So i can only recommend it. Yesterday evening i had a bowl of Nakhla Cinnamon. It had a really strong cinnamony taste, and after the session when i smelled my hose it had that strong flavor too. But after rinsing it with some hot water there was nothing. It was just like when it was new. So again, i can only recommend it

And i want to say thanks for everyone, who will rate and comment my video in the future. See u soon in another one
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