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Default Re: Coals, ice and other Newbie questions

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Ok so I know I am all about asking questions here and officially I won't get my own hookah till Christmas and until then I am only renting on occasion but I am trying to understand as much as I can.

First I see you guys a lot of times using 1, 2, 3, and sometimes 4 coals, how do you decide how many and when? Does it depend on the size of the bowl, the tobacco, the coals or something else entirely?

I can see how ice would be nice and cool the smoke even more than a hookah already does but do you always use it, rarely use it, or occasionally use it? So far at the place we go they never put ice in the base and we have been pleased with it. Does it even feel like smoking if you put ice in there. Seems like cold smoke would be weird.

We usually get about 1.5 hours out of the hookah at this place but I think my bowl is considerably larger than these. Does that mean we will have much longer smokes? Will I need to set it up differently?
Hey man, knowledge is power

Coal use depends on the types of coals you use, the shisha, and the size of the bowl... i don't have alot of experience so i can't tell you what coals give off more heat, but wetter shisha will take more heat, and you will need more heat in order to heat up a larger bowl.

I almost always use ice. The colder the smoke, the more i enjoy it. There is a point though when the smoke can become to cold and you just get a cold feeling (like smoking a mint flavor shisha) and no flavor. The only time that happened to me was when it was in the low 40's (fahrenheit) outside and the hookah had been out for about 4 hours.

I think the only reason hookah bars don't use ice is because that is just another thing to set up and takes time. It might also be due to the condensation on the vase that would mess up tables or something....
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