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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

I very little about sub-Saharan Africa outside of the South & the Horn so I'd want more info about the water disputes before saying much about it.

As to the term hookah I don't know where that word comes from although I think (not sure) that in India it's called a huqu but the terms I am used to hearing are narghile, arquile narquile, shisha and Lule while the Iranians have a different term that I can't recall off hand. Personally I prefer the term narghile as that how it was introduced to me and I like the way it sounds. In the end they all mean the same thing although I don't perosnally like the term hookah.

As to tobacco moassel (or some veriant in spelling) is pretty common although outside the West jurak and tombac are common and tobamel less so. Calling the tobacco shisha I think is basically an American thing.
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