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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
oh well, theres that damn you guys built that just so happened to piss off your neighbor to the south a lot...something about a high dam flooding the northern part of the country....haha jp w/ you

Im surprised that people think its a Muslim thing.

I will put the smaller hookahs on a table of some sort, like a coffee table or something, just for ease in adjustment, taller hookahs, always on the floor.

I call it a shisha/arghileh....ill call the tobacco moassel/tobacco...and shisha sometimes.
We are the last station right before the water goes to waste (i.e.: mediterranean sea) so if we build dams it is our business coz we won't constrict anyone's stream or supply. The dam did nothing to Sudan, plus Sudan is a brotherly nation with brotherly relations (my cousin was part of the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan and he was killed there btw) ...

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
I wondered how wide spread that attitude was. Apparently not very. LOL.

I find it odd that Hookahs have so many different names and yet Hookah doesn't seem to be one of them. Where does the term Hookah come from? I only see Moassel here I did a google search and there are very few references outside of this forum. The only thing I can figure out is it must be a transliteration. I typically call the pipe a Hookah and the tobacco Shisha but mostly because that is how it was introduced to me. I will probably keep that up even though I think if I were to do it differently it would be Shisha and tobacco or Shisha tobacco.

Is Hookah an American term?
Hookah is originally an Arabic word ... Huqqa which was transliterated into English as Hookah which is easier to pronounce for the western tongues than the original word. Huqqah meant Little bottle...
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