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Default Re: Coals, ice and other Newbie questions

Originally Posted by victormotta View Post
Hi man!

Well, I'm a brazilian smoker and I have the following comments to you:

1) As far as the coal is concerned, it really depends on the size of the bowl, quantity of the tobacco, etcs.... By the time you get your own sisha, you will understand how it works fine and the amount of coal you will have to use.... Each hookah demands an unique set up!

2) ICE and cold water: Yes, it makes a big difference.... As I said, I live in Brazil and its quite hot here most of the times.... So, by getting a cold smoke provided by the iced water the taste of the smoke and flavour gets better .... not if I could make yo understand but lets say that its better to put cold smoke inside... ok?? And it seems to me that the smoke is more condensed, stronger too...

3) I always try to find the largest bowl I can find... For me its a fact: The larger and deeper the bowl is, the more your hookah will last in good taste.... Of course that would depend on you making the right things... not using too much coal, etc... But yes, theres a huge difference from a bigger bowl and deeper.... you can put more tobacco and wont let it burn very soon...

Hope it helps!!!!!


Victor Motta

I wondered about the condensed smoke. I may have to try it at least a few times anyway.
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