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Default Re: wanting to open my own hookah bar

since im in the middle of opening one in irvine ill give you some tips:

-Dont serve alcohol, way to big of a headache

-You will need a retail/Tobacco license which if you visit your cities website you may be able to download it or may have to stop in (but of course city regulations play a major factor)

-If you going to serve food you need a food permit which also can be obtained from your city's website or might have to stop in (best thing to do is email a city official in charge of business relations)

-Business plan
-Business plan
-Business plan
-Business plan
-Business plan
-Business plan x infinit

A business plan will help you SO much, i made mine in powerpoint and its pretty much the blue print to this business.

Dont worry so much about the hookah aspect right now but more of find a shop, a good lease rate, and most importantly a loan.

Best of luck
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