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Default Re: wanting to open my own hookah bar

Originally Posted by skankinsmoker View Post
i live on the central coast of california, and there are a ton of people who love the hookah out here. and a few shops...but one hookah bar for the whole county. i want to open one in my own town in about a year or so (sooner if the economy picks up)

im just wondering if any of you happen to know how to get permits for that and what processes do i need to go through?

any help would be appreciated!
Short answer from some one that ran a shisha cafe successfully for a couple years before selling it: Don't.

Long answer - Don't try it unless you can answer yes to all of the following:

1) Have you successfully been a general manager owner of a cafe/restaurant for a few years?
2) Are you able to work effectively at one job for 80 hours a week for at least couple of years?
3) Do you have a flawless credit history?
4) Assuming you are successful do you realize that you most likely will lose money for a couple of years before being able to net a whopping 50K per year profit?
5) Can you raise a minimum of 100K for start up?
6) Do you have a spotless tax and criminal record?
7) Can you afford to lose a couple of grand a month for more then a year?
8) Do you have or are able generate a realistic business plan?
9) Do you understand that this passion of ours is overwhelmingly shared by college kids with little disposable income and the whole fad could vanish within a couple of years? If so do you have a backup plan to avoid financial ruin?
10) Do you realize that the anti-tobacco climate has already destroyed the possibility of running a smoking related business in much of the U.S.? If so what contingency do you have if such an eventuality happens in your community?
11) Have you considered the vast legal liabilities that tobacco related businesses are forced to contend with? If you have, do have the finances needed to handle the potential legal costs involved?
12) Do you realize that the U.S. economy is quite literally on the verge of collapse? Do you have realistic plan to maintain a profitable smoking cafe at a time when disposable income for most people is rapidly disappearing?
13) Given everything mentioned above con you honestly say you are able to manage a smoking cafe profitably as a long term business?
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