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Default Re: wanting to open my own hookah bar

Originally Posted by tbonesown View Post
the hookah resources here are tapped to the max haha. there are 9 hookah lounges within 5 miles of me. AND the lease rate is about $10/sq ft (10k for 1000sq ft :/ ). But it's cool that the people here that are interested in doing this aren't in it to sell "crappy chinese hookahs" and want to spread the knowledge of quality smoking.

", a place for young hookah entrepeneurs" lol
Shame about the over saturation. at the risk of punning I hope it doens't lead to hookah burnout.

Also, be sure to look into 2nd floor or garage options? I know there's no basements down there but in the right arrangement you could get someone's sparsely used storage space for a fraction of the price. I once rented the garage of a pizzeria out to some developers that turned it into a outdoor ice cream/Italian ices stand. To great success I might add. It would take a little more upfront in outfitting the place, at least in a garage's case, but you'd save more on the fixed monthly costs. The same could also be said for any restaurant, retail store, artist space with some interior space and a nice unused garden/patio.

While the 'stair blindness' factor could be a challenge, it could pay off in net in the end.

Oh and by the way I'm with DJ Hosseix: Business Plan, Business Plan, Business Plan! After you compose it revisit it often, don't assemble one just because you need a small business loan, it will help you stay focused and give you a barometer you can revisit at the annual assessment meeting.

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