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Default Re: Feed back request for HP members

I always get confused with the dates. I haven't had the pleasure of buying from you yet. I am sorry it didn't go over like you had hoped. I think it was a great idea. People don't ever make shirts to fit me so I never get involved in these discussions but great advertising I would think. Too bad it didn't take off. To be honest though there wouldn't be too many places I could wear it because of the connotation of *******. Though I understand how it is meant I think it would drive me crazy explaining that it is not a different type of water pipe and I don't do drugs. Not that it would affect me buying product (cause I am so going to as soon as I get my Hookah at Christmas and maybe a little bit more caught up on bills. Your rep is impeccable) but personally the shirt wouldn't work for me on several levels.
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