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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
Common courtesy. You do not - for example - eat meat in front of a Buddhist neighbor, and some people are corteous enough to avoid eating and drinking during the day during Ramadan in front of fasting muslims.
Indeed. Perhaps it is rare in America but I don't want to be a stumbling block or a cause of strife between my neighbor and I. We share a duplex and as you might expect that already has its disadvantages. We hear each other sometimes and what I do to my house or property affects the value of his and vice versa. We also interact periodically. It is somewhat unavoidable. Having neighbors that close I just want to make sure that in my adopting something from his culture that it wouldn't be in someway offensive or like a slap in his face.

Like I say I don't know much about Arab cultures at all. I had recently heard about growing tensions in another country had lead to some non-Arabic Christians had somehow developed an idea that Hookahs (which to my understanding are not even common in their country) were offensive because in some way it would give the appearance of sharing beliefs that they do not have. To some people that is very serious so they avoid it. I wondered if in a country where there were far more Arab people would the tensions be worse and would they have the same kinds of problems with it. I have pretty much found from this thread that it appears that the problems in Ethiopia may stem more from political and racial tension more than anything else and it may also not be wide spread throughout Ethiopia. In fact it is possible that it is just one family or a few. Egypt while possibly having tension doesn't appear to have the same kind of issue atleast not in any kind of widespread way.

You are correct. I could just say it is my property and none of his business but I can keep it inside. It isn't any skin off my nose to do that and while I would prefer not to have a buildup of smoke even if it is fruity smelling in my furniture and carpet I can find other ways around it if it were going to cause problems between me and my attached neighbor.
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