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Default Re: Cultural question for my Egyptian friends.

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Interesting. I had wondered about that because I know cigars leave a smell and cigarettes build up and can make a room smell disgusting pipes seem to leave a little less and I wondered since Hookahs are smoked a different way with different type of tobacco if it would make a difference. Though the thing is when you are in your room most of the time it wouldn't smell. The question is when visitors who don't smoke come into your room when you aren't smoking do they notice?
no doesnt seem like it, even when i came back from a weekend at home i didnt notice any smell. usually my smell resets pretty fast (go to class for 3 hours, come back and then noticed that the trash smelled).

remember hookah when smoked with the modern tobacco and method the tobacco is steamed more so than burned. also if there is any residual smell from it, its more like an air freshener type smell. any smell normally dissipates in a few hours at most
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