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Default The search for Hajo's Shisha Nazi has begun!

Hajo mentioned in one of his posts that he had and experience with a local shisha seller/producer in the Lebanes port city of Tyre. I like the story as I have family so I sent them on a mission to find this guy who is quoted as saying things along the lines of "fruit is for girls" and "nakhla is for dogs". Apperently he makes/sells the more traditional stuff that some of you guys like here, like AR, HF, and Huskey, and Dunkel. My wifes parents decided to take the hour long trip south to find this guy, however they had no luck. They asked around and the locals said that if there was this type of place that it wouldn't be in the main markets and they'd have to go into the surrounding smaller towns. They took some shots of the area however they are waiting for more info to try and find this person that Hajo has exerienced. Enjoy the pics as I'm hoping they will go again in the next couple of weeks and bring back some of this traditional shisha for us to try.
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