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Default Re: "Suicide Shisha" flavor

one place up here that is pretty low quality will take all the unburnt tobacco out of the bowls if people leave early and toss just the good stuff into a tub then give away free hookahs with it (all their stuff tastes the same so it doesnt really matter)

the place i like to go to sells "counter surprise" for like 6 bucks, they just brush everything that fell onto the counter into a bucket and use that (while there is a good assortment of shisha in it there is also a bit of coal dust from all the hookahs that pass there. never did counter surprise but got a free hookah one night at the crappy place

ive been planing on just mixing all my little left overs together but i always end up killing it perfectly or just never finnish a 250 cause i have such a large assortment


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