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Default What makes a good tobacco?

I read you guys reviews and I see all kinds of descriptions. What I am wondering is what is it that you guys look for in a Shisha Tobacco?

I found when I first started smoking pipes and cigars that the flavors a lot of people prize are the same ones I detest. Of course there is no substitute for trying them yourself and that is what I tell people but I want to get an idea of what you guys think is good. So that as I am reading your reviews and comments I can get an idea of whether something you don't like might be exactly what I am looking for or if I am pretty much on a similar page.

I understand that as with Pipes a lot of the experience is in the set up, the pipe, the materials, the light and all kinds of factors can make a decent tobacco taste bad but in general when you smoke a tobacco and think or say man this is nice. What does it generally taste like. I don't mean flavor so much as quality or character.
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