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Default Re: What makes a good tobacco?

as to what i look for

-good taste (not chemically or overly sweet/candy. but not bitter or nasty)
-consistency = in cut, flavor, heat tolerance, how long it lasts etc
-how long it lasts, i would rather have unused shisha in the bottom than burn out a bowl in one round of coals
-some what cut, more so how thin it is cut that as to how small. hookah hookah looks as thin almost as cig tobacco where as things like tangiers are full leaf. nakhla is pretty full leaf but its really folded up but it is large pieces when you pull it apart

for me tangiers, al waha, nakhla, al faker, and starbuzz are over all great smokes (flavors being the personal choice) and romman (little experience),havanah, and hookah hookah being less desirable smokes (with hookah hookah being the best in that category for me)

i think trying to quantify shisha in the way you would cigars or pipes is like trying to quantify cigs and chew in a similar way, (not that a lot of people thing its nasty but more so as they are totally different experances
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