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Default Re: What makes a good tobacco?

Excellent. That was what I was thinking just trying to get a feel for the character you go for. See with pipes and cigars I like mild or not so much mild as I don't like the spicy flavor that seems to be all the rage in cigars. Romeo Y Julietta makes me gag too much bite. I have found that Anise flavor is not real popular with me but most of you guys love it. I take that back for me I don't like it in the apple though I do in most other things. Mainly I have gotten a lot from the reviews but I can't wait to do some sampling. Mostly what I think I am looking for is and my imagery may not make much sense but I want rounder flavors from smoke. Nothing with a sharp edge to it. I find that sweet is nice but too sweet doesn't work. I am told that what we smoke at the place we go right now for Hookahs isn't using top quality stuff. He has the better stuff at home he said. We like it pretty well though. I find that my tastes for smoke are different than from food but probably more closely related to my tastes in drink. I will PM you Hajo because while I know my wife is probably going to be a fruity tobacco kind of girl and I like them pretty well. I am definitely curious as to what the more traditional stuff tastes like. I have never been a big fan of flavored pipe tobacco and even less of a fan of flavored cigars. This is a little different but I would at least like to know what the more classic stuff is like. I imagine me and my father-in-law would love it.
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