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Default i think the weird flavors are killing hookah for me

i just realized, lately ive wanted to smoke hookah but when i do its not as enjoyable as it used to be for me (only been smoking for a little over a year and had my own rig since aug). ive been doing mixes a lot lately and got some more busy flavors (like pinia colada).

but like tonight i went through 4 of the 9 flavors from the blend off i need to try and frankly most of them i tried the combos were to busy and some of them were just horrid.

tomorrow i think im going to just try some nice single simple flavors and see if i enjoy it better since when i was doing that a few months ago i was having the more enjoyable sessions... and after tomorrow with 4 hours in the metal studio and 3 in the glass studio i am going to need a nice relaxation

any one else experience this issue

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