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Default Re: Cooking/baking shisha vs. burning

Originally Posted by Sparky112 View Post
Many people have noted that smoking hookah is different from smoking cigarettes in that you don't burn the shisha - you simply "cook" it or "bake" it with the coals. That brings up two questions for me:

1) Where does all the smoke come from, if nothing is on fire?

2) Has anyone ever invented a coal-free way of smoking? Say, by using a bowl which could be heated, like an oven, to a certain constant temperature, and which would then evenly cook the shisha rather than burning it.

These might be stupid questions, but they've been bugging me.
1) The smoke is a product of the liquid content of the mixture being vaporized by the heat. Unless you are smoking tombac you don't want to literally have the tobacco combust so yes, you are in fact cooking the tobacco. In modern style moassels more smoke is produced from the use of glycerin (a simple vegetable derived sugar) while more traidtional mixtures produce less smoke then what you are likely used to
2) Yes. One is apparently made in Tiawan but I've never met anyone that has seen it so maybe it is just an idea awaiting venture capital. I have post stuff here about an electric narghile made in France by the people that make Tembo shisha. I have given it a try and it works pretty well but no better then a small, normal style rig. I have no idea how realible it is but it's a real hassle to use and expensive to opperate.

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