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Default Re: Cooking/baking shisha vs. burning

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
is this true folks ?
I've read this other places, but the scientific evidence comes from:

Sajid et al. 1993. "Carbon monoxide fractions in cigarette and hookah (hubble bubble) smoke." The Journal of the Pakistani Medical Association.43(9):179-182.

These researchers found that carbon monoxide levels were significantly higher when using what they referred to as "commercial charcoal" versus "domestic charcoal."

"Domestic charcoal" is described as being "prepared by burning soft wood (bark of tree, acacia)" whereas "commercial charcoal" was "prepared by burning hard wood (stem and branches of tree, generally acacia, under oxygen deficient earthen ovens)."

I'm really not sure how closely those descriptions match popular coals like Coconara or Three Kings, but it does demonstrate that the coals have an effect on the levels of carbon monoxide found in the smoke.

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