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Default Re: Cooking/baking shisha vs. burning

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
is this true folks ?
Originally Posted by Sparky112
I'm really not sure how closely those descriptions match popular coals like Coconara or Three Kings, but it does demonstrate that the coals have an effect on the levels of carbon monoxide found in the smoke.
My company carries a charcoal fueled over of use in small cafes and our data indicates that 70% of the CO output of commercially available coals designed for use with food based applications is during the lighting process then during the actual consumption of the coal. My own experiments have found that coals designed for use with narghiles that don't contain accelerants have anywhere from a 1/3 to 2/3 less CO production then instant light or coals for food use.

As to health effects I'll point out once again that cardio-vascular problems and cancers typically attributed to tobacco consumption have far lower rates of occurrence both among narghile smokers and outside of the Western world among smokers in general. Those of you interested in that sort of thing should read the Colby articles on the subject I posted.

Originally Posted by Sparky112
Heh, just because something doesn't kill you instantaneously doesn't mean it's safe, especially long-term. I figure that any amount of a toxic substance is too much, if it can be avoided. But, unfortunately, it sounds like if a product to avoid making excessive amounts of carbon monoxide exists it is not readily accessible. Drat.
The smoker's exposure to CO is principally a matter of how you smoke. If you want to reduce your exposure to CO you should use natural rather then QLs and spend an extra several minutes to make sure they are fully lighted before use. Most important of all you should give up inhaling and treat moassel as if it were a cigar.

Originally Posted by mattathayde
while CO isnt good for you I really donít think the levels lead to long term effects. smokers donít have less brain cells. nicotine on the other hand is one of the most toxic substances (extremely low LD 50) yet it is very short acting and by it self is not a really harmful thing.

also everything in moderation. everything is good in some amounts and bad in other
With regards to CO I simply don't think it is a big deal for the simple reason that no one claims that narghile users suffer from symptoms commonly associated with long term CO poisoning.

Your comments about nicotine are way off. In part the LD 50 test is empirically stupid but also at odds with common sense and the reality of what nicotine is and how it works. If you are interested in the actual toxicolological aspects of that substance take a look at the articles I have cited here that deal with the subject.
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