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Default Re: Cooking/baking shisha vs. burning

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
im pretty sure it was those articles you posted that i did look through and started looking at the nicotine stuff. while i agree that LD 50 isnt a very exact thing it is still a good starting point (given only 1/3 the population smokes, and i would bet that under 1/2 of the population uses tobacco of what ever form so there probably is a large jump in the LD between users and non users)

on the basic level of how much you have to take in to kill you nicotine is very potent

When one talks about toxicology the state of the substance and the means of ingestion are critical. somewhere else the matter of thujone came up and one simply will never come upon enough pure thujone to cause health troubles. You'd literally have to a pound of sage in a sitting to hurt yourself. The same is true of nicotine in that you never simply injest pure nicotine and the effects of nicotine toxicity simply don't occure in places where tobacco is consumed as food. In the end it simply makes no sense to talk about the sonsumption of pure nicotine and LD 50 tests because that is not how it's consumed.
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