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Default Re: Check Out My Package!

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Yeah I am so looking forward to it because I feel like I will have a better set up and better tobacco than they use. They are keeping it limited so they don't have flavors mixing and stuff like that. They had 2 flavors last time I was there and they had talked about a third that I have yet to see. I really wish they would get strawberry back cause I am not a huge fan of the licorice flavor in the double apple they use which seems to be all they have lately.
ok 2 flavors sounds retarded, even the terrible places here hav3 a good 8-12 flavors, the place i really like to go has probably 40-60 flavors, does what ever mix you want, and comes up with crazy blends (things like icing, white rabbit, etc crazy stuff) and a lot of the blends they have done have been able to replicate some really unexpected flavors

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