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Default Re: Lighting up coals in a cooking vessel seems to work better

yep i have heard of people doing that (especially with the flat top, but it takes longer on them). coals only should need 451* F (being the flash point of wood/paper) and if the metal is getting red hot it is probably at least 1000*F, and also since the pan/*** has a rather flat bottom there is more direct contact with the heat so it should light faster. just think about how close you can get to something that is 100's of *f with out getting burned, you might think you will get burned but you wont (it takes some conditioning but as an example i am taking glass blowing classes and the glass comes out 2000*f+ and we work it between 1000-1800*F usually and you have to get with in less than 6 inches almost every time you do anything with a tool... and usually any burn you get is from the tools)

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