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Default Re: woohoo big order headed my way

Originally Posted by SkylineGTR View Post
nice order, you'll love the tangiers if you can pack it right
no matter how i pack it i get pretty similar flavor. but the flavor isnt exactly on for the lime from how i remember it but its been like 4 months since ive had what i remember to be right.

the alwaha i like, the orange cream i cant smoke at the end of a string of bowls though cause its to light and the pinia colada isnt to great but the cola is great. wow this is a pretty old thread, ive broken in to the 2nd box of cocos already (had a get together one weekend and went home and supplied for 2 hookahs at a friends house 1 and a half nights.

i figure i just need to live closer to my friends that smoke hookah so we can all put in and split stuff more, i like having a lot of flavors but i cant justify having 10 250s around that im slowly using... that or just open a lounge which would be cool, just not realistic

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