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Default Re: Questionable Experience

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
perhaps I am overboard but I research every hobby I want to get into before I ever get into it. You have to learn some things by doing but some things are essential to you sticking with it.
no sir you are smart, i do the same thing. and while there are a lot of things i have or still do tinker with i am on forums for almost all my hobbies or interests, and use them at least every once in a while to get info. know what you are getting into is important, like before i got my jeep cherokee i knew to expect specific issues and was able to call what was wrong on it right off the bat.

also that way if you get put into a situation you dont look foolish and/or you impress people with your random trivia (my brother, father, and i are all just full of random info and people look at us like we are crazy but when we have the info they need they are happy so what ever)

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