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Default Re: Story: The Bowl that would not die!

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Great story. That sounds like a problem a lot of people here would love to have. Not me I think an hour to an hour and a half is about max for me but I may feel differently when I have one at home. If you have some left do you toss it or put it in its own jar and come back for it later? you know reheat the leftovers.
When I opened the foil the next day (I had a case of puffus interruptus when the driver for my fishing trip showed up) the bowl was still nice and gooey underneath the top spent layer. The bowl really could have kept going but it did me in.

I never save or reuse shisha. I just clean the bowl out and start fresh. I never pack a lot in so I don't mind if there's a little waste. I am switching to smaller bowls though, since I really don't smoke enough to go through a whole medium bowl myself.
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