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Default Re: Cooking/baking shisha vs. burning

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
It might be an overly complex monster but say you put something like a cars lighter coil in an electric head that snapped onto the top of the bowl like a small wind cover. Two cords would run from it one to that fits over the hose end to replace the grommet the other to the ac adapter. The cord that hooks to the hose would contain a sensor that would read when you suck on the cord. That would tell the device to bring the heater closer to the foil or even touch it. With proper circuitry and what not you may not even need foil because the heater would be moved to certain points and would be a more even heat all the way around. Or a simplified version would just have a thermostat or a sensor that goes on the head grommet. It wouldn't be difficult, it would probably burn cleaner and more even but it wouldn't be the same experience. Probably would be a market for it though.
the concept is simple but there are issues with it no matter what: need of electricity, some else to trip over and knock the rig over, cost.

while you could probably do it you also have to be able to balance cost with durability and consistency. also you need to make it so the power $ plus the item cost justified it.

i dont doubt in any way it could be done i dont think you could produce something that was cheap enough to make it reasonable and also something that would last a long time (think 3-5000 hours of use)

if you can produce it more power to you but im not sure if it is really worth it.

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