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Default I have a problem! Re: Exoticas and hookah head!

Hey guys, so I'm trying exoticas for the first time this week, as well as my first starbuzz.

Liking both, Really happy with how the exoticas burn and the starbuzz, even in a normal clay bowl, is lasting aaaaages, good smoking for about 2 hours, going through 2 sticks of exoticas!

However, 2 nights in a row now, my sessions have been followed by BIG TIME hookah headaches! First night was starbuzz strawberry daiquiri, session lasted over 2 and a half hours, 2 and a bit sticks of exotica before it burned right down. Great smoke and flavour the whole time. The second night I was smoking with 2 hoses with a few friends. We had a bowl of the SB strawberry for an hour, before repacking with some Al Waha Cola for another hour.

The first night, smoking the SB on my own, made me so sick I was actually WORRIED I wasn't going to be ok....The single most offputting experience I've ever had with shisha. I backed it up the night after and the hookah head wasn't as bad, but still uncomfortable and I know it would've gotten worse if I hadn't stopped right when I did.

I smoke in a big room normally with the windows open (unless I'm trying to blow big rings haha), and I make sure the coals are ashed all over before smoking them. I'd had plenty to eat, lots of water and there wasn't the 'buzz' I've gotten before with some tobaccos...Just a splitting throbbing headache.

My hookah is getting a week off to let me forget how bad it felt, but I want to hear your bad hookah head experiences and what caused them! I've got a near full box of exoticas that I just don't want to smoke...but everyone else seems to have been fine with them!

Sorry for the novel, but it's a big deal for me..for the first time in a long time I have disliked a session!
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