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Default Re: Combining Orders with Friends/Locals

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
to make it more simple, just place the order all with 1 of you guys being the customer and get all shipped to that person's house, you guys divy it up and work out your own finances.
Yeah, that's the kind of "sharing orders" that I meant, like bradedup and Dookiie were talking about - getting a bunch of people together and making a single order so that no one person gets hit with a big shipping cost.

It's just frustrating because the shops here tend to sell just one kind of shisha each, and they don't usually have a big selection. One shop sells only Al Waha, another sells just Pharaohs, and the third sells only four flavors of Rosetta. I want to support local business and avoid shipping costs, but I also want to try a bunch of different brands/flavors.
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